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Reduce Material Consumption:


We all consume a lot more than what we need. We all have a social pressure to consume more. We live in a consumeristic era. But it is totally up to us how much and what we consume. Before buying any new object, ask yourself ‘do I really need it?’ ‘what will happen if I do not buy it at all? is it really the end of my world?’ Buy only what is necessary.


Material consumption is not only related to OBJECTS, but also to ENERGY. What can you do to reduce energy consumption?

Here some ideas:

  1. Switch off the lights when you go out of a room

  2. Do not open the refrigerator often, but only when you need to take out something

  3. Reduce water usage. For example, turn off the water when you lather your body under the shower (use water only to rinse and not when you use the soap) or when you brush your teeth (use water only when you rinse the toothbrush and not while you are brushing your teeth)

  4. Walk, bike or use public transportation instead of your own car, whenever if possible. Before jumping into the car, ask yourself ‘is there any “greener” way to reach my destination?’ You can also be cool by ‘traveling’ by skateboard, mechanical scooter, roller blades.

  5. Use train or boat instead of airplane whenever is possible.

  6. Choose close vacation destinations where you do not need to take any flight. Your region, country, continent has for sure fantastic areas that you and your family have not yet explored.

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