Reduce Waste:


Each of us produces a lot of waste. Every year, every day, every hour. Unfortunately, only a small part of waste is recycled and only few materials, e.g. glass, can be recycled 100%. Unrecycled waste goes in the environment. Do you know that the nature takes 100 years to absorb a teeny tiny cigarette butt, for example? The less waste we produce, the more we can help the environment! 

In the US a person produces 808Kg of garbage per year. Almost a tone… Look here for the statistics by country:

So, how can we reduce the waste we produce? Here some ideas:

1. Ditch the plastic bags. Go for re-usable bags!

2. Start relying on reusable containers. For example, invest on nice glass food containers rather than mono-use plastic ones. Start by checking how you store food in your kitchen…

3. Start composting. A lot of what you throw into the trash could be composted and returned to the earth. Instead of going to the bin, your excess food can become a rich nutrient for the garden if you if start a compost. Some cities provide a composting recipient that you can fill. 

4. Learn to repair rather than discard. If something is broken, ask yourself whether it can be repaired rather than thrown in the bin. When is the last time that you repair a broken object???

5. Stop using disposable plates and glasses. The convenience of not washing dishes is not worth the environmental impact that this plastic has!

6. Make a meal plan. Food waste is huge and in developed countries we tend to throw away food (and their packaging!) before having consumed it. Ask your family to make a meal plan and buy only food that you know it will be consumed.

7. And at the very least, stop buying plastic water bottles, please.

8. Use reusable material such as reusable straws, bottles, cutlery, and lunch boxes.