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 save the planet in a simple and enjoyable way!

GreenUp is dedicated to the wellbeing and happiness of people, animals, plants and minerals – to making sustainability simple and enjoyable so as to change the way people live, act and think.

GreenUp is a social media app that encourages young people to protect the environment while having fun.  

Using GreenUp, teen-agers can easily and in a facilitated, guided and fun way:

- meet friends with the same sustainability interests;

- participate in Greenup contests;

- organize Greenup events;

- share video and pictures of their green acts;

- gain points and rewards

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More info on GreenUp

Video of the founder talking GreenUp


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Who is working on GreenUp:

The Association, The Founder and The Project Core Team 


Support, Prizes, Recognitions rewarded to GreenUp 

Articles and publications 

GreenUp Copyright 2019/03377

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