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Reduce Chemicals:

All the chemicals that we consume go to our sea, our rivers and our lands. We do not need all these chemicals in our life. Avoiding chemicals is also protecting our health and of course the environment.


Here some suggestions:

1.  Use natural beauty products without any chemicals. Do you know that you can wash your hair with plants, for example?

2. Use natural bar soap instead of shower gel or foam.

3. Choose not processed food. Eating food how it is produced by mother nature is healthier and avoid chemical processing.

4. Choose organic food and products. Pesticides are terrible for the environment and our health.

5.Do not use/buy products with Teflon. A lot of kitchen pans and pots have a Teflon coat which is made with perfluorinated chemicals

6. Clean your house with natural non-toxic products. Vinegar, baking soda are great help to clean the house. Ask your family to switch to natural cleaning!


7. Last but not least…do a digital detox! Electronics are made with toxic chemicals that are difficult/impossible to recycle. Try to use less electronics or at least. Choose sustainable electronics.

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