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Empower teen-agers to build a green future

The Challenge

Teenagers are sensitive to sustainability issue but do not do much to protect the environment. They do not know what to do and do not want to act alone.


The solution: GreenUp

GreenUp is a social media application that encourages teen-agers to do sustainability acts as a community. It leverages the ‘social media’ aspect and gamification that attract teen-agers, to drive them towards sustainability: they can take care of the environment while having fun.

Using the GreenUp application, teen-agers can easily and in a facilitated, guided and fun way:

- meet friends with the same sustainability interests

- participate in Greenup challenges

- share video and pictures of their green acts

- trade objects instead of buying new ones

- gain points and rewards


Why we strongly believe GreenUp will be a success

Teenagers like the idea of living in a sustainable way, but today there is no social media app covering these needs for this audience.


On top, GreenUp has been ideated by a teen-ager with and for teen-agers.


Why does GreenUp exists

Teen-agers are the adults of tomorrow. If all teenagers would do green acts, it would have an immense impact on the future of our planet.  We, as part of Happy Green World Geneva, aim to empower the youth of Geneva (and then Switzerland and world) to work towards sustainable development.

Greenup impact

Currently the ecological footprint in Switzerland is 5.79 hectar pro capita, which leads to a Biocapacity Deficit of 4.49 hectar pro capita. Assuming that GreenUp is used by 50% of Switzerland teen-agers who will reduce their footprint by half, GreenUp will lead to a reduction of the country Biocapacity deficit of 13% in 5 years and 30% in 10 years.

 ‘Every big change starts with a small step’ (Chinese Proverb)

A first MVP version of GreenUp is already available in the Apple Store. Please note that the app has not yet been launched because it needs further development to implement other super cool features 

greenup in applestore.jpeg
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